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Graduated with high distinction from The University of Sydney, as one of the top high achievers, Stephanie is a qualified and experienced primary school teacher with over 20 years of teaching experience. She was one of the first 15 outstanding teachers in NSW to receive Accreditation of Professional Competence from the Education Minister in Australia.

Stephanie specialises in Gifted and Talented Education and EALD (English as an Additional Language and/or Dialect). She has taught both in independent and public schools, including OC classes.

Due to Stephanie’s excellent teaching reputation, she has expanded her teaching career and established her own coaching school. Stephanie has helped many students to achieve outstanding academic results and gained a strong reputation with many families. She is well known for her expertise in the area of Writing and Comprehension.

Stephanie adamantly believes that English is the key to succeed in all subject areas. Through a strong English program, students can naturally improve in Thinking Skills and Maths, particularly in logical thinking and problem solving.

"English is an art." Stephanie focuses on special techniques and concepts when teaching English to her students. She simplifies complicated ideas into simple terms for all her students to gain understanding by using different strategies and techniques.  Her lessons are fun and engaging. Over the time, her students become confident, independent and academic achievers. Many of them also develop the love for English.

Students and parents respect Stephanie for her passion in teaching and her drive to never give up on her students. Her well known quote to all her families is, "The journey is more important than the destination." It is not the end result that Stephanie strives for but how her students get to their destination from a hard earned journey. She ultimately believes every student must fail to climb back up and become a stronger and better person.

Stephanie also focuses on the culture of learning with the goal to change every student's mindset on why they are learning. She strongly believes every student is talented in their own way. Through her customised program and teaching, every student is given the opportunity to develop grit and determination, which are the keys to success in life. Academic is one end, while training students to "believe and achieve" as a lifelong learner is a long term goal. 

At Stephanie Coaching, the four keys to success are: Teachers, Resources, Students, Parents. 

There is no such thing as miracles in the journey of learning. Just like a chair with four legs, it cannot be steady and strong if any one of the legs is missing or unstable. This is the same analogy for Stephanie. To produce academic students, we need experienced teachers, strong content, hardworking students and supportive parents. With the four keys working together, success will be around the corner in a matter of time. Stephanie Coaching's hard-earned, strong reputation came from these four keys to success.

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