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Stephanie Coaching is a professional tutoring centre and is the ideal place to send your child for tuition. Not only is the material advanced, but Stephanie is enthusiastic and encouraging. She provide students with a deep insight into questions and basic formulas. At Stephanie Coaching, there are courses tailored for students' requirements which benefit students. I highly recommend Stephanie Coaching to others because it has aided me in my journey to Baulkham Hills High School.

Tavishi Fotedar

Dear Ms Stephanie,
It gives us great pleasure to share with you that Aadhya has an offer for Girraween High School and a reserve number for Baulkham Hills High.
Stephanie coaching has played a pivotal role in helping our daughter achieve this wonderful feat. The rigorous training, eye for detail, exhaustive material and constant motivational words that you groom the kids with will stay with her for life. The virtue of hardwork, discipline and putting the best foot forward has been the most rewarding offshoot of her learning curve at Stephanie’s. The selective trial test fueled the passion in her to excel and also taught her how to stay calm under pressure. The 2 years she spent at Stephanie and the approach towards learning that she imbibed at Stephanie’s coaching will help her in all her academic pursuits in future. Hitesh and I are falling short of words to express our gratitude.
Heartfelt thank you once again STEPHANIE COACHING.

Vaishali (Aadhya's mum)

Dear Stephanie,

With your support and guidance, I am happy to say that Mehaan has secured his position at Girraween HS. His selective score is 224 and he got the offer letter which we have accepted. We were extremely happy with your coaching which improved his score extremely well in English. Thank you once again.

Paras and Chaula (Mehaan's parents)

Hi Stephanie

I want to express my appreciation for your excellent work teaching Danielle. The difference you’re making in her life is immeasurable. Thank you for everything you have done for her in the last 4 years.

I am a witness on how dedicated you are in teaching your students and I feel relieved that you are the one who will be nurturing her future. Thank you and may you keep up the good work!

Carmen and Tony

First of all, I would like to thank you for all your guidance and support given to my son in preparing for the selective exam, I am so glad I found you. I have seen remarkable improvements he made in a very short span. Your attention to detail and passion to teach, allows the children to reach their potential. I still remember my son was struggling in writing tasks. In just few weeks, I could see immense development in his writing skills structured with complex sentences and highly advanced vocab. We were elated to see an offer of our choice of preference and a score of 241.95 which was truly beyond our expectations. Once again, thank for your hard work and efforts in providing a method of tuition which has boost his ability and strengthened his processing skills. Highly recommended!!!

Sylphy Dudhia

Stephanie has really changed my daughter, Rhiannon’s understanding of many subjects including English, Maths and general ability. Before my daughter went to Stephanie coaching, she did not learn much. She was like a bird being fed a worm but not knowing why. After I found Stephanie coaching, she started to understand comprehension slowly. Now, she even knows how to interpret Shakespeare language. Mostly, she taught my daughter to use certain strategies to understand or complete questions.She helped my daughter achieve two high distinctions in the ICAS competitions both in English and Maths. Also, she helped my daughter gain confidence in sharing what she has written or answered. She introduced my daughter to writing competitions, every time, my daughter entered, her story would be published in the competition’s theme book. Once she even got into the second round of a writing competition. Overall, Stephanie coaching is an amazing tuition inspiring kids to share their work and help children reach their personal goals. I am very thankful of Stephanie for helping my child get into a Selective high school.

Rhiannon Ho

Stephanie's approach to learning is second-to-none. Her no-nonsense yet caring approach worked wonders with our son who succeeded in getting into a selective high school for 2017. She helped him improve in areas that we could not. She set high expectations that stretched our son's ability and gave him every opportunity to succeed each week. Stephanie's customised program sets A LOT of work for each child in all aspects maths, english and GA. While we helped our son manage his weekly workload, he was capable of doing each piece of work and strove to meet Stephanie's high expectations. Stephanies teaches strategies and techniques to think differently and instils a hard work ethic into her students. There's one word for Stephanie...."awesome". Thank you Stephanie!

Pyrmont Mum

Stephanie is a wonderful and excellent teacher. Our son, Benjamin, has managed to vastly improve his knowledge in English, mathematics and general abilities under her guidance. In addition, Benjamin has been accepted at a selective high school, Rose Bay Secondary College, which is something that we think would have not been possible if he had not studied with Stephanie in the first place. We highly recommend her to all parents who are looking for a primary school tutor for their children.

Hendra and Jennifer

Stephanie has been a true inspiration for my daughter Kanika . Kanika has inculcated all of the teaching tips of Steph in her mind and is putting them into use for her activities. Stephanie's teaching is as much about passion as it is about reason. Its about not only motivating students to learn, but teaching them how to learn, and doing so in a manner that is relevant, meaningful, and memorable. Its about having a passion for it, and conveying that passion to everyone, most importantly to your students.I highly recommend Stephanie Coaching to each and every student as it brings with itself sea of learning in fun filled environment.

Mala Kanika

Stephanie is a wonderful tutor. My daughter has been with her for 1.5 years and the improvement and achievements are amazing. She needed work on comprehension and with Stephanie’s guidance and teaching skills, she was able to be in the highest level of reading in her class and achieve excellent results in her final school report. She also excelled her in Maths, my daughter managed to obtain very high scores in ICAS competition and school report. I would recommend Stephanie to everyone.


Stephine coaching was wonderful experience for my daughter We had enroll our daughter to Stephine coaching as per one for The friend reference I can see lot of academic changes in my daughter. My daughter improve lot in GA & English specially in writing & due to this she able improve score in selective & get through where she wants Stephine professionalism & particular interest in each kid helps kids to boost their level of thinking & working My daughter still uses her technique for English study I really recommend Stephine coaching to any of the parents who really wants to improve their kids from any level Best of luck Stephine & will see you after some time for my second child.


Excellent tutor! She has the talent, knowledge and the skills that brought out the best in our son. He excelled in English, maths and general knowledge and his confidence and results have improved. I can’t speak more highly of her and thank her for the efforts she has put in. Highly recommended.


Stephanie is a great teacher who works closely with her students to enhance their attitude towards learning. My son’s English writing skills evolved dramatically after her coaching. My son was challenged and coached enough by Stephanie for a year which contributed towards his selection into Sydney Boys High School. I highly recommend her for English coaching.


Stephanie has improved my son's English and Maths skills enormously, in preperation for the Selective Test. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a tutor.

Edward Xu

Dear Mrs Stephanie,
Firstly, I would like to thank you so much for all your effort you have given me through your coaching.

I am writing to you on a very ecstatic and elated mood, as I just received an offer and admission for Year 8 into North Sydney Boys High School in 2020.

A vast amount of effort, study and time paid off in the entrance examination, and I wish to share my story of progression with other students, moving from a standard public high school to a reputable outstanding selective high school.

There are many failures behind a successful moment. After the results of the Entry into Year 7 Selective School Examination in 2017, I was put on Reserve list. Although I was devastated, I was told to believe in my potential and progress ahead for next year and try for a selective school again. Just like what her moto said, “Believe to Achieve.
Cover as much study material as possible in the remaining time-span, remember, that in the end, if you study harder and more effectively, the easier and simpler the final test will become, leading to a better overall result. Study your vocabulary, as they assisted me in all my English Reading and Writing examinations.

All thanks to my supportive parents who never gave up on my potential and believed that the sky's the limit to prove who I am to this world and my tuition teacher Mrs Stephanie who enlightened my mind into education and repeatedly encouraged my parents to support my trusty - potential, and believed that I will strive for the highest. Our (Mrs Stephanie, my Parents and me) hardwork paid off in the end when I got an offer from North Sydney Boys High School for Year 8 in 2020.

My recommendation is to follow the guidelines of Mrs Stephanie and strive to do your best, especially at the Stephanie Coaching’s mock trial test (Maths/English/GA/Writing) which will be harder than Selective Exams! Be prepared. However, the training definitely paid off. The mountain of booklets I completed from Stephanie Coaching also paid off. Her strictness might be harsh, especially when ‘non-scorable’ in Writing was given but it shaped where I am today and who I will be next year and in the future.

In short, I believe students should never be afraid, too afraid or stressed about something repeatedly for a long period of time. It can totally waste your effective time to prepare well ahead for the future and be the best that you can truly be in this world. There is nothing wrong with failure. As Stephanie repeatedly says, “The journey is more important than the destination.” I am a perfect example of this.

'Don't be afraid to dream too big. Nothing is Impossible. If you believe in yourself, you can achieve it.' – I can truly relate to this phrase in her classroom. I did it! Thank you Stephanie Coaching.

With Loads of Thanks

Your Anonymous Student 😊

Anonymous Student

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

Tathira Khaswala

My son attended Stephanie's coaching last year when he was in Year 5. We noticed immense improvement in his English writing and it became more structured over the course of time. He was using many new adjectives in his writing and was praised by his school teachers for his new writing skills. He was overall a good student in his primary and he got much needed help in English to push him through his selective exams.

Pranay's mum

Best teacher we encountered! Stephanie is experienced and knowledgeable. We are thrilled to see our son finally improving in his writing and comprehension, which no other teachers helped much in the past. Our son lacked ideas in writing. Over the time, he developed passion in story writing and now English is his favourite subject. The skill sets he gained is just like what Stephanie said, "a lifelong skill".

Shaun & Carla

My son Aarav has been attending Stephanie coaching for last 5 years. We are truly blessed and privileged to have known Miss Stephanie

She has been very adaptable person, has exceptional levels of interpersonal skills, very approachable and responds to doubts with utmost humility .

Most importantly she is very knowledgeable and kids have great fun to learn, grow and develop in her classes.

Our son Aarav has gained great confidence and has started liking and enjoying English.

We are indebted to the Miss Stephanie who takes genuine interest in the development of all her students.

Over the years she has provided constant support to the community to create awareness and share important information in preparing for competitive exams like OC and Selective.

Our son has got offered selective and scholarship opportunities just because of her.

I cannot recommend Stephanie coaching enough. THANK YOU VERY MUCH and BEST WISHES.


Dear Ms. Stephanie, 

I hope you are doing well. I am currently writing to you to inform you that I have successfully secured a spot in Penrith Selective High School. 

Yesterday we got our selective results for 2022, and I was extremely nervous, although the main comforting factor for me was that I worked hard, and with your guidance, I had improved my skills by a mile. Without your help, I would never have been able to make it into a selective high school, and for that I thank you sincerely. Your guidance helped me significantly, and the mock trials helped me the most. 

Even though you were strict, and the mock trials were difficult, you encouraged everyone to push through and overcome this obstacle. I pushed myself beyond my limits, and because of that, I have made it into Penrith Selective High School. Thank you so much Ms. Stephanie. In the end, as your motto is, you always have to ‘believe to achieve’ your end goals. 

Thank you!


Dear Stephanie,

I hope you have had an excellent day so far. You are more than a teacher, you are a leader, parent of many kids and most of all a person many kids can idolise. Thank you for your time on teaching me thoroughly as it has helped me with my selective almost way too much. Your advice on writing made me confident in my abilities and the way I can excel my writing from poor and using basic language to a high standard and formal and sophisticated language writing.

Some good news to my favourite teacher! Due to your teachings, I have officially made it into a Melbourne school called Bacchus Marsh Grammar High School which is one of the most renowned and educationally supportive schools out there.

Your way of teaching is definitely the most unique, friendly, and helpful way anyone has taught me. It includes the perfect mix of inclusiveness from the students and you teaching them the path and making the vague path of success more and more explicit with each and every session. Your way of teaching has not only made me further my education but also excel in creativity as you have made me think in a brand-new way of learning and understanding the things around me.

To summarise things up, I just want to thank you for the sweat, blood and tears you have put into teaching us and making us understand the topic. Even my parents are inspired by your work and have loads of respect for you. Just like us, please take a break and have a Kit-Kat, and I want to end this off with a quote to motivate the younglings, “Talent does not just knock on your door, you have to find its house and knock on its door.”-Tanuj, 2023.


Dear Stephanie,

I am writing to thank you for teaching me at Stephanie Coaching for the past 2 years.

I wanted to send you this email to show my appreciation and gratitude for all the time, work and effort you had put in during my time at Stephanie Coaching. The past two years at Stephanie Coaching have been extraordinary and have expanded my knowledge to a point that two years ago, I thought, I would never be able to reach. You have taught me and prepared me for the future. I would never be more ready to experience High School if it weren’t for you, Stephanie.

My time at Stephanie Coaching has been unforgettable and taught me things I could never learn at school. I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for me. My gratitude to you for all you have done, is something I will never forget. I truly appreciate you and your time spent teaching me. I enjoyed every minute of class (and the nerve wracking ones too) as well as your enthralling story telling abilities. A truly great teacher like you is hard to find and impossible to forget. The world needs more teachers like you. I am forever grateful to you, Stephanie.

With sincere gratitude,


I first enrolled my daughter to Stephanie’s classes in 2016, and Stephanie has never disappointed all the years that I’ve known her. Two children and 7 years later, I’m still recommending her tuition to friends and others. What separates Stephanie’s tutoring from other more famous centres is her commitment and dedication to teaching. Stephanie cares about each and every one of her students, and makes sure that they get great feedback for their work. This hard work has been reflected in the immense improvements in students’ results. Her teaching style is also incredibly unique, and she never fails to deliver an entertaining story to those who may be struggling. Stephanie covers every topic in great detail and depth and also provides great memorising techniques for spelling and comprehension alike. Both of my children are now in high school, and even now they are still benefiting from Stephanie’s teaching because it has provided a strong foundation that cannot be ruined. This proves the effectiveness of her teaching, because it lasts for any child’s whole life. For anyone that wants a reliable and effective tutor, Stephanie’s Coaching is for you.

Tristan's Mum

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